Our mission is to create platforms that enable communities to come together to solve problems and build a better world, from the bottom on up.

Popdat is joint effort of a lot of people. To name just a few:

  • Simon Deurloo
    Simon Deurloo

    Ceo Popdat

  • Aik Kramer
    Aik Kramer

    Leading expert in the field of public policy mediation

  • Jinke Coenen
    Jinke Coenen

    Popdat education

  • Eduard de Jong
    Eduard de Jong

    Cyber security specialist with a number of patents on cryptography

  • Peter-Paul Koch
    Peter-Paul Koch

    World renowned frontend specialist

  • Luuk Platschorre
    Luuk Platschorre

    ‎Creative director, owner Tremani

Join in

Popdat is rapidly expanding its business, empowering people around the world. If you want to get involved in the exiting world of online participation and decision making, feel free to contact us.
Send us your CV or link to your online profile: work@popdat.tech
Do you want to invest in Popdat? Just send an email to investment@popdat.tech  and we send you are one pager business plan.